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Dr Aamir Liaquat Detailed answer to His Shameful Video
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Dr Aamir Liaquat Detailed answer to His Shameful Video on internet
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Added: Thu Aug 18, 2011 | Votes: 125 | Comments: 129
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Submited By: ahmed baloch26 July 2014
aamir uncle ap bht auchay insan hen , kch log jultay hen ap s
Submited By: muhammad Ammas Afzal09 July 2014
my mobile number 03082537250
Submited By: muhammad Ammas Afzal09 July 2014
ma ap ka show ma nai a cakta par ma online answeers da cakta ho pleace only ak mobile day da pleace
Submited By: Malik Numan07 July 2014
kiya baat ha amir bhai
Submited By: Pakistani13 March 2014
khabees dobara geo par wapis chaley gey ho,
Submited By: RASHID02 August 2013
Submited By: toylorswift02 August 2013
very shameless
Submited By: qaiser01 August 2013
amar bai ap ka show bht acha hai.ap bohat achy ansan hai.
Submited By: raqibhassan21 July 2013
Dr AaMir liaquat hussain ap bht achay insan hay ya sb glt videos bayge ja rhe hay hm ny ap pr bht yakeen rakha ha pr ya videos hm pr glt asratt mratb kr rhe hy or ya videos ho skay to delete krwai jay
Submited By: yaseen ahmed22 June 2013
i want to meet u please dont say no if u have no time please give me your number i am in trouble
Submited By: Ali13 February 2013
How can this b**t*** look at himself in the mirror after what he has done. He should be put in the sewer in Pakistan and dragged from there to a isolated jail in a dessert. I used to watch all his shows and think he was a good man and proud for the work he was doing as a Pakistani Muslim....but now I want to beat this animal! Unbelievable footage. Funny how he is lying again to cover up and tell his few friends he has left to call on show and say nice words...probably begged and payed them. I pray Allah guides us all and cleans our hearts and souls.....and forgives us for our mistakes and help us stop lying.
Submited By: Naila13 February 2013
What a shocking video.....I am disgusted to hear and watch Dr.Liaquat's real face. He is a liar and a complete different person in real life. He is a fraud and fake and only an educated person can see this. What a shameful man not to even admit the truth instead he covers up and uses excuses! I hate the man...let Allah deal with this liar fraud fake man. Dr Amir Liaquat you should be in a Bollywood movie as you are good at acting. I never want to see his dirty face on tv again.
Submited By: Fara Ali17 December 2012
Dr.Aamir Liaquat Saheb you have good knowledge and very keen about current affair we simply learn so many things from your speech.We just want your more ideas and to get knowledge from you so please restart Aalim Aur Aalam on Geo TV we are waiting your knowledgeable Program. ALLAH will bless you and your family INSHALLAH.
Submited By: Aana Paracha10 December 2012
جس معاشرے میں عدل نہ ہو وہاں اللہ کا فضل نہیں ہوتا،عامرلیاقت

لاہور(نمائندہ جنگ) معروف ریسرچ اسکالر اور جیو نیٹ ورک کے وائس پریذیڈنٹ ڈاکٹر عامر لیاقت حسین نے کہا ہے کہ نبی کریم صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم کی معراجوں میں سے ایک معراج یہ بھی ہے کہ آپ نے اپنے کردار کی فقید المثال بلندی سے خون کے پیاسوں اور بت پرستوں کوخدائے واحد کی بارگاہ میں سرنگوں کرکے یہ ثابت کردیا کہ طاقت تلوار میں نہیں بلکہ کردار میں ہوتی ہے لاہور میں سینٹرل کالج برائے خواتین میں ”اسوہٴ حسنہ اور حسنِ معاشرت“ کے موضوع پر لیکچر دیتے ہوئے ممتاز مقرر نے کہا کہ جس معاشرے میں عدل نہیں ہوتا اُس معاشرے پر اللہ تعالیٰ کا فضل نہیں ہوتااِسی لیے تمام انبیا اور بالخصوص پیغمبرآخر الزماں اور اُن کے اصحاب نے اپنی مبارک حیاتیں صرف اور صرف عدل،انصاف اوراللہ کے قانون کی بالادستی کے لیے وقف کردی تھیں اور یہی وہ فطری حسن تھا جس نے حسنِ معاشرت کو جنم دیا۔ اُنہوں نے کہا کہ اسوہٴ حسنہ دراصل حق کے پرچارکا نام ہے جس کے اصول جبر و استبداد نہیں بلکہ اعلیٰ اخلاق ہیں اور ہمارے پیارے نبی نے اِس راہ میں ناقابلِ بیان تکالیف سہہ کر تمام عالم انسانیت پر ی
Submited By: Kabeer Khan08 December 2012
Dr.Aamir Liaquat we respact you for your great job to The ISLAM.
And we fell vary proude on you that you are Pakistani as we are.
Please keep continue you great effort for Muslims and Islam
we love you alot..!!!
Submited By: Sana Khan22 November 2012
Dr amir ap per Allah ki berktey nazil ho.
mere dua ha Rab ap ki azat ma barket day.
Submited By: fawad afzal05 November 2012
OMG... aub tou is topic ko *** kardo, video mei itna bhi koi offensive , abusive stuff slangs nahi thay, haan woh sub zaroor hai that all men and guys usually say to eachother ..right? aub yeh itna bura isliye hogaya k Dr. aamir liaquat ki vdo mei hai chahay yeh vdo fake ho logo tum sub kya farishytay ho? ya auliyaa? munafiq ho tum sub jo khud gunah kar k apnay aap ko moutabar samjhtay ho aur kisi aur ki choti ghalti ko bhi gunah-e-azeem bana detay ho chahay woh Allah k qareeb ho tum sub say
Submited By: zohaila han31 October 2012
Dr. Aamir liaquat hussain is the one figure in Pakistan who is striving hard as an anchor, scholar and televangelist to make people aware of not only about religious matters of Islam but also to promote a pleasant gesture of Pakistani nation and muslims in the world, he is really doing a commendable job by helping the people who are a victim of poverty and other problems and their morals are somehow pushing them to putresence of morality... Dr. Aamir liaquat ought to be the leader of Pakistan who can improvize the system of all fields of Pakistan far as the people who claims to hate him have their own pathetic opinion and they are sick:-P because many people never look at their own selves that how malignant they are, but they keep humiliating and gossiping about other celebrities because they are might be jealous of their success...
Submited By: Sher01 August 2012
I wonder how could people listen to him when everyone knew that he utter bad words when camera is off and start reciting surah with his same foul tongue the next second camera is turned on. He is a complete liar as is evidence form his fake doctorate degree which he purchased for $1000. Why Geo is promoting him so much and who is financing all his adds no one knows.
Submited By: British Paki29 July 2012
First of all salaam to all ..seen all comments here and mostly are neg, but all i can say and my work in british sky channels i worked in control room, MCR, online editer. and with todays equipment anything can be done..and i have worked in karachi with some artist who have many voices and with Dr aamir voice frequency which easly be tempered edited and can be pls leave him alone i dont support him. but how many of us todays world are so Pure at least he is trying to do his best and he does his Toba,,which many of us dont do...pls do toba and leave others alone, be good muslim.... SALAAM
Submited By: siza14 July 2012
fukin motherfuker
Submited By: siza14 July 2012
*** ***
Submited By: siza14 July 2012
iss k baap ne dubbing ki hai bhosri ka *** mc bc
Submited By: Aftab24 September 2011
I am an editor of videos and work for video production house. His shameful video is 100% original. He is a great lair. This is pre planed program. Shame on you again jhoot dosre room se call karwate ho munafiq mein ne bhi tv channel mein kaam kia ha. Ye tricks kisi aur ko sikhawo. If you talk about video so what about your action in video?
Submited By: Malik Imran11 September 2011
yarr amir tu to yarr kehne ke bhi kabil nahi ho,tujhe to banda wahan mare jahan tujhe pani bhi na milay.
Submited By: sarah zee11 September 2011
Do not assume anything unless u have proof,
Dr. Liaquat has a courage to speak the truth, his words are powerful, he is caring and a god fearing man. Pakistan needs people like Amir, Wake up Pakistan.
Submited By: maryam28 August 2011
is ko sharam aani chahiy. ye bohot bara barwa hai,,,,,, baighairat
Submited By: Kiran28 August 2011
Oh rizwan meri jaan. I think u should learn English first. Then talk about dr Amir liyaquat. I m pretty sure that No one understood ur comment.
Submited By: shazia Ali25 August 2011
These video are fake i have done all my research work. they have edited.he always says that he had done many sins...n he also says that may ALLAH forgv him...n the main point is that no 1 of us is seeking any bad thing frm him..he helps the poor..that a government cant do..this is not a propaganda...this is the TRUTH whch ALLAH knws much betta thn awl of us..its better for us to look upon our self n our deeds instead of discusing abou others..
Submited By: Nadia24 August 2011
My point is that why this video is released in Ramzan. People are listening to his abusive language during fasting. One he has done wrong two the people who released it in Ramzan have done great wrong. We Muslims should be ashamed on ourself.
Submited By: AIB24 August 2011
he got the very first call from Mecca, yeah right.
Submited By: ottoman24 August 2011
amir liawuat par ALLAH ki lannat
Submited By: Mazhar Iqbal Bhatti23 August 2011
chalen man b lae k video fake hae n doubing ke gai hae but ap k body expressions to ap k alfaz ka sath day rahay thy. wasay b ap log camera screen k agay kuck or hotyho n behind the scren kuch or. ap k hatho ka style, bar bar apny balo ko thek karna
Submited By: Sajid22 August 2011
Mr. fraudia
This man is a big cheater. He is trying to make a fool to innocent people of Pakistan. The calls from Mecca & Madina were FAKED.
Submited By: symsa21 August 2011
He is an actor of low class, He is trying to project that some one has editing his video.asked him ,Is he not cheated one company ,that he will with haji of that company during last year haj. For This he got a handsom money in shape of dollar And how about fake Doctorate.
Submited By: FAWAD21 August 2011
Submited By: Asif20 August 2011
Hadhrat Aqdas Muhammad (sa) has said (meaning): people will go to get hadyat in the mosques they will see, pigs and monkeys are sitting there.
This Khabees is just an actor, nothing else. There is no dubbing, its original.
Submited By: Nadia19 August 2011
We don't need Aamir Liaquat kind of people in our society even in our community. He is a big liar, please don't believe him; he is fake person who is just earning in the name of islam and that kind of people make our country worse. He is Shayatan. No body is spreading fake video, we should thank ful to those person who uncovered the wrongdoer of Pakistani society. As a sensible citizen of society we all should protest against this fake person and request media stop promoting this liar.
Submited By: Azhar Butt19 August 2011
If he is doing fake or he is a bad guy ,why you are so worried . Just look into yourself and move on. If you dont like him or his program or his thoughts ,complain to ARY . People who are bashing on him, they are doing it because they have different religious believes. He did not killed,raped or looted anyone . By the way I am not his friend not relative or any attachment to him. People move on to your life and take care of your sin..
Azhar Butt
Submited By: frazana19 August 2011
iam a afghan girl living in uk from few years i was watching his progaram but i always thought he z not as he showing him self after that video i believe he is such a lier person coz of these kind of people all muslim become bad and i tell you all my brother and sisters tat all muslim are not same those who want make islam bad they do like this on name of islam ture is this he z not muslim plz i reguest all muslim brother nd sster that stop watching this stupit person progaram thanks
Submited By: DOCKHAUL19 August 2011
the problem with we Muslims is our hipocracy that we dont have the courage to accept our faults and we try to prove that we are a complete and flawless person. i am anyways happy that no matter how much he denies the reality , ALLAH has shown people his true character ( which is like most of people DHEELA) to the world. its shown to people that he is no SAINT but a PRETENDER
Submited By: kh819 August 2011
dr.Amir is fake another face of devil 1st call he get is from Makha 2nd comes from Madina what a co incedice hahahahahahaahahah Bull shit!
Submited By: Shahid Rasul19 August 2011
I cannot believe this lier. I saw this video many time and I am sure it is true.
Submited By: tahir19 August 2011
shameful comments of a shameless person...... what is nonsence comment. THIS IS MUNAFAK....
Submited By: CRIMINALS OF PAKISTAN19 August 2011
Submited By: ahmed19 August 2011
Submited By: tabraiz19 August 2011
stop this bulshit u fake man..
have seen ur real face, and about that video I believe to say that it was original body language and in his own voice, no dubbing or anything.. so this man is a lier and of bad character for sure..
Submited By: mohd sabir19 August 2011
Submited By: MrTech19 August 2011

Submited By: Ali19 August 2011
When will you stop lying Amir..First call from Makkah and second Medina

You also owe an explanation about fake degree...get yourself clear from allegation..may be a court judgment in your favour
Submited By: Hamna Atif19 August 2011
bakwaas. He says he know how it can be done, hahhaa

han ko is ullu ke pathe ke fans hain, un ko Allah hi samjhaye ga, jo qoam, Altaf hussain jaise drame bazz ka yaqeen kerte hain

nawaz shareef ko dobara elect kerne ko tayar hain, Is drame baz ke asal main koi jnne wale nahi hain jo is ko jante hon????
Submited By: ali19 August 2011
he should be give an oscar
Submited By: Haq19 August 2011
jhottaaa hai kuttttaaaaaa Munafiqqq
Submited By: aryan khan18 August 2011
Such a pathetic liar who sells religion at the cost of innocent believers... ARY should ban him and state should prosecute him for all the fraudulent acts [period] stop your mickey mouse b.s.
Submited By: aryan khan18 August 2011
Such a pathetic liar who sells religion at the cost of innocent believers... ARY should ban him and state should prosecute him for all the fraudulent acts [period] stop your mickey mouse b.s.
Submited By: ark18 August 2011
Such a pathetic liar who sells religion at the cost of innocent believers!! ARY should ban him and state should prosecute him for all his fraudulent acts~
Submited By: Samad Qazi18 August 2011
Amir Liaquat how did you manage to earn Phd. in 20 days?

I am sure a stinking person like you will have no answer.

Lanut teri shakal par kutay.
Submited By: Samad Qazi18 August 2011
I am pretty sure that the guys calling this bastard Amir Liaquat are his own agent and they are calling from the room next to him.

Bloody Earth Worms
Submited By: Samad Qazi18 August 2011
Thid dog is taking the great Hazrut Ali's name. shame shame shame.

Zilut hae taera mudadar, bloody dog.
Submited By: Samad Qazi18 August 2011
This guy from Makkah Al Mukarama either is this stupid person's own agent or earth worm.
Submited By: Samad Qazi18 August 2011
He is a bloody lier and must not take our beloved Prophet Muhammad {SAW].

This two faces person is trying to act again.
Submited By: Samad Qazi18 August 2011
I just dont like this stupid and two faces person.

I will respect a swine but not a person like Aamir Liaquat.
Submited By: imran18 August 2011
Mr. Amir I liked you lot but I was so much disappointed to saw the Original clips. Make fool those people who are illiterate...they doesn't know Galib
Submited By: sajid18 August 2011
liar liar liar.....but today his acting was not good enough to convince anybody, insatead his nervousness has shown that the video was real and after clarifying his position he is getting the calls directly from Makka and Madina, and listen to the callers........very foolish way of
Submited By: sajid18 August 2011
He is a liar one can clearly see that he is really pissed off, and he is so stupid that he is directly getting the fake calls from Makka and Madina.........such people should be ........
Submited By: mushtaq ahmed khan niazi18 August 2011
I am very much disappointed of what I have seen about Dr Aamir on youtube ,I was a huge fan of him
Submited By: MS FAUZIA RAZA18 August 2011
that was my first reaction after watching u helping the needy, but what majority is saying,i am in a fix ?? can u plz clear yourself about degree question??
Submited By: MS FAUZIA RAZA18 August 2011
Dear Brothersalamallaykum,
Below its my write-upwhich was published in KHALEJ TIMES, DUBAI and I am in canada.I had stayed in Dubai for more than 3 decades, since yr prog. started I hv been watching it on regular basis, even here as well.

A Noble Endeavour
16 August 2011

It is Ramadan, the month of blessings and mercy when we all are required to achieve maximum blessings from Allah. As I was watching the programme conducted by Dr Aamir Liaqat on ARY Digital, I felt that he is doing a wonderful job as he has been helping a number of people in different ways, be it helping handicapped kids by providing them with a mode to earn more or by urging people to come forward to help such kids financially to enable them to lead more normal lives.

Dr Aamir is succeeding in getting honest and genuine people to connect with the needy. I really thank ARY for this noble mission and request them to carry on this mission even after Ramadan.

Hats off to Ary and Dr Aamir Liaqat. Both of them are getting surplus of blessings not only from Allah but also by the affected people and common people like me.

Fauzia Raza, Toronto, Canada
Submited By: Syed Hashmi18 August 2011
Look at the character of so-called Muslim ulema in Pakistan! Despite being exposed to the real character of Amir Liaqaut, they have no qualms coming to his daily circus. Is there a single soul left in Pakistan with a real character? Lie Amir Liaquat, are just a bunch of characterless thugs?
Submited By: Muhammad Yasir Wadood18 August 2011
He is still not accepting whatever he has done and the only way to verify get together with their Guest to whom Geo channel invited to his program so the people can verify from them unless the guest doesn't work at all for GEO and just work for the sack of Allah. And Inshallah we can get through his fake and reall face..... and can have a better undesrstanding what is right and what is wrong.
Submited By: Muhammad Oumair Khan18 August 2011
MR. Amir Liaquat , is now trying to cover what he has done , the more he will talk on it the more he will be pushed in, If Imam e Kbaba calls him from Makkah will that be an evidence of his innocence? why is he using stupid words that this call from Makkah is a sign ch ch ch cheap ways .. further True and they Plan mr. Amir planned and Allah Planned Allah is the best planner, Allah is the one who gives you honor and Allah is the one who humiliate you .. so Mr. Amir is on which part ? further more the shame full actions in the video are they also made ? the way he was saying and the way his hand was moving in shame full way and there are a lot of things .. which is evident that the video is right and he is a damn liar May The curse of Allah S.W.T be upon such liars and cheap actors .
Submited By: PAKISTAN KAY KUTTY18 August 2011
satani kutta
Submited By: Amjad18 August 2011
Dr. Liaqat is on first stage to become a Pakistani Politician. Congratulation to him on his first victory.
Submited By: aftab18 August 2011
this is an actor right from from day one video asli ha ya khud jali ha is na pahla bi sahaba ki sham ma ghustakhi ki thi or ab be firqa bazi karta ha or awam ko aapas ma larana chahta ha ya ha is ka agenda is ko ary ko ban karna cahia
Submited By: hashim18 August 2011
hahah such a big lyier you should have asked for appoligy but your are lying again and again ok that fine we r human we can make mistake in life but again you are lying and blaming some one else not accepiting your mistake i am very disopointed at you.
Submited By: Asim siddiqui18 August 2011
Typical politician acting like other politician, they do not admit his mistake, just saying, it is propaganda like other politicians. EVEN HE HAS FAKE DOCTORATE DEGREE.SHAMELESS MAN still acting.
Submited By: Moon18 August 2011
Behroopia----Allah sb ko aisay behroopion se mehfooz rakhay Ameen
Submited By: shaze khan18 August 2011
i am 100 percent sure the video was real but i dont know why people think he is a personality to follow does any body know about his character . i think nobody so why following such a person and by the way he is doing those things which the whole nation is doing see that lady maaz nida she doesnt want to believe in reality so what i can say some time god lock there hearts they can not find the difference between right and wrong
Submited By: Pagal18 August 2011
Bohat ho geya pappu ab ghar jao...
Submited By: humma18 August 2011
Jhoot pe jhoot... He should be banned... Looser !!!
Submited By: Salman18 August 2011
If he is really innocent then he should take GEO to court and then everything will be cleared if the videos were edited or not. Even if we imagine for a second that the videos have been edited and dubbed but what about his hand gestures when he was talking about some late Indian actor's hat style?
Submited By: Abraham Chikna18 August 2011
had a dream ... not a dream but a nightmare

I had switched off the lights and was sleeping in the interior room of our haweli with my brothers, sisters and parents. Suddenly I lost the two balls which I always had. I started searching in the room for those balls in dark. Some thing.. I guess it was weird noise of thumping of a book made me come out of the haweli. There was this bearded old man in green (OMG) robe with a book in one hand and very old snake oil lantern in other.

I had seen him entering our village a day before. OMG was a snake oil salesman by trade. He told me to start searching the balls under the oil lamp near his feet.

I - "but I lost the balls inside in the haweli. Please give me that lantern so that I can search the balls where they were lost"

OMG - "it does not matter, bend over and start searching under my feet."

I - "Why?"

OMG - Because the book in my hand says so.

I - what is this book?

OMG - this is divine God's book.

I - where does it say so?

OMG - you cannot understand so I need to read to you and make you understand.

Then OMG starts reading some lines in alien language. I do not understand a bit. OMG makes me bend over and search under his feet while he was reading those lines.

After a while he stops reading and tells me..

OMG - "the book also says that if you search for your balls under my feet then not only you will get your lost balls but also get the balls of your brothers and fatrher's and even of your cousins and uncles who live in the next door. Imagine how rich and powerful you will be with so many balls. To get others balls you need to bring them to my feet and to bend over."

Now I forgot about my own lost balls and started desiring more and more of others balls. To bring others to his feet first I only thumped books but later I started forcefully bring my brothers and cousins. To wake more people and bring them to OMG's feet for bending over and searching balls one of my cousin came up with a great idea of using the Oil of OMG to set fire to the whole Mohalla. That is what we did! Whole mohalla and nearby neighborhood gutted in the fire.

Now every one was bending over and searching the balls under the lamp which OMG only possessed. Long time passed... There was darkness everywhere.. when I looked up I saw vicarious smile on OMG's face.. I realized he was a devil incarnate but it was too late.

Truly we had reached the nadir of ********** and stupidity.


Wake up!

The alien book could be of 4th century, 7th century or 19th century. The bearded Old Man could have alien white, green or red (topi) garb.
Submited By: Tamseel18 August 2011
bohat bara munaafiq hai yeh banda, Allah iss ko hadayet day
Submited By: proud pakistani till death18 August 2011
come on Mr. Amir, I am an expert in this, and lip reading is my little expertise but still an student, nothing is dubbed or fake this is hundred percent true and an school going child will nod his head, watch your first word, and without any doubt one is an enemy of yours. Mr. Amir Trust me each and every word spoken by you is true and no dubbing.
But I wave a way out for this, on the night of 27th of Ramadan before you make dua, place your hand on an open Quran and say what you have just spoken that this dubbing and bla bla bla,
When you place your hand on Quran saying these words
" I Dr.(which is also controversial) Amir liaqat Hussein s/o ... poori terha apnay hoosh o hawas main is baat ka Iqrar karta hoon kay the video in question is completely fake and I had never spoken those words, that video is a completely dubbed and that not even a single word was spoken by me, and that it was a fake, a dubbed and was made to harm my growing reputation around the globe among Muslim community" if you will do it I will be the first person to apologize from you.
yaad rakhye ga app ki jan chali jay'e to koi gham nahi, blind ho gaye no problem, nahi bewi bagh gaye gham nahi doosri kar lain, BUT a very big BUT, agar izat gaye to sub kuch khatam.
and moreover make similar video dubbing it show the world prove it, otherwise you are gone out of peoples mind and another Amir liaqat would be sitting on your chair, you are running short of time prepare yourself aur Quran per haat rakh kar bata dain, regain your trust, your good image, dignity, self respect and other words
In this context by doing this you will slap on there faces. Because you have a respectful wife, children’s mother father and other relatives as well, how you are going to face them, PLUS what about sham e garibaan main jo kuch kaha app nay kia wo bhi dubbed tha, now don’t make me laugh, at present each and every part of my body is laughing.
in the end I pray to My Allah, that Allah will give you the courage to put your hand on Quran with confidece.
Submited By: butt18 August 2011
yea admiy sab jhut bool reha hea ess ko aesa program klarne ke ejazat nahi dena chaye ess ke zuban ess ka saath nahi dea rahi yea yeas jhut bool reha hea ess shetaan ko aesa program kare ne ejazat na de jaae mear derkhuast hea jo yea program peashe karte hea
Submited By: M Malik18 August 2011
Submited By: M Malik18 August 2011
Submited By: Ahmed18 August 2011
fuck you
Submited By: M Malik18 August 2011
Submited By: Ahmed18 August 2011
Jahil online .... STOP SHOWING THIS FRAUD.This criminal should be ban from media chanals .this man is fraud.enough is enough why did you not tell us about ur fake PHD degree ...
Submited By: PAKISTAN KAY KUTTY18 August 2011
Submited By: Adnan18 August 2011
I personally believe that there is something wrong with his character. His Explanation is 100% articulated attempt and I am not convinced with it.

He got 1st call from Haram and 2nd from Madina. Thanks to Allah there is no Telephone service in Jannat - otherwise he would have received a call from there.

Allah knows better...............
Submited By: atif18 August 2011
shit man fucking liars just like all terrorist muslims do
Submited By: atif18 August 2011
all Muslims are like him liars , hypocrites thank god , i left islam for good
Submited By: Talat.fsd.18 August 2011
Really ,Today me and my whole family feeling so sad .Stop this folish person on tv in future.
Submited By: TAHIR CHAUDHRY18 August 2011
Amir sahib aap apni iis vidio aor jise aap fake keh rahe han dono ko ghaor se dekhiye,aap k hathon ko halane ka styel aor jisam ki anghrai,ya aap ki jismani adten bilkul same han........ghaor se dekho aor jhoot mat bolo
Submited By: TAHIR CHAUDHRY18 August 2011
amir liyaqat sahib waqei aap ne PHD ki hui hai,fuhash baton meen.AAp ka asli chehra itna ghanaona ho gha koi soch bi nahi sakta tha.Agher tum sharam wale hote to kabhi tv per dobara nazer na ate,tumhari beshermi yeh sabat ker rahi hai k vidio asli hai
Submited By: ahmad18 August 2011
first call from Macca and second from Madina ya right....even if i believe that video was dubbed there is only one meaning to move your fist like that
Submited By: TAHIR CHAUDHRY18 August 2011
Dr,amir liaqat tumhari batoon se pata chalta hai k tum jhoot bol rahe ho.beter hota k iis maozon per bat na kerte,agher tum sache ho to fake vidio walon per kees ker do.tum maolvi logh uper miyan tasbi aor ander miyan kasbi ho,ab tv per loghon ko apni sakal mat dekhao
Submited By: Kaish18 August 2011
I do not know exactly what is right and what is wrong but from what I can see I do not believe this guy anymore. In my opinion he is lying and he had made a mistake, if so then he should come forward and apologise. BUT no one corrupt in Pakistan would do this. If you are wrong DOCTOR, then do yourself a favour, STOP MAKING MONEY ON ALLAH'S NAME BY LIEING TO ALL THE MUSLIMS IN THE WORLD. Remember, you shall faxce him one day and there MQM will not be there to protect you.
Submited By: H.a.Sheikh18 August 2011
tum firqa wariat phelane ke mahir ho

mubashir luqman ki bat ka jawab tou do tum ne p h d kahan se ki hai ghoote insan
mera khial hai tum ne fuhsah goi main phd ki hai
Submited By: junaid Khan, USA18 August 2011
He is just like our Politicians, leaders, govt...another "Con Artist"...what to expect from this corrupt society...
Submited By: Dr.Suleman Sultan Rana18 August 2011
What a Hypocrat....He should publicly render apology for his abusive and shameful behaviour, while on the sets of Aalim on line...This nation doesnt require pseudo religious scholars like him..DUE TO MEDIA POWER HE ROSE TO FAME AND EARNED MILLIONS AND MILLIONS..NOW THE SAME MEDIA HAS EXPOSED HIS REALITY..This man should be banned for Religious programmes..Did he redo his WUZU, after using abusive language and before reciting Qaseeda Burda Shareef..
Submited By: why original video not being show till now?18 August 2011
for my those friends who say the video was fake....... WHY THE ORIGINAL CLIPS ARE NOT ON THE INTERNET YET??? yeh sari safai krnay ki zarorat nahi thi agar dr amir original videos dikha deta. he is a big fraud.
Submited By: Altaf18 August 2011
I have always believed that religious people are unbelievable and untrustworthy. This video of doctor Aamir Liaqat has strengthen my believe.
Submited By: Hassan18 August 2011
This video is clearly fake and editid. Neither accent is original nor pronunciation if you focus on lips moving and words spoken. I am an IT engineer and 100% ensure even i do not like Amir Liaqat as a scholar.
Submited By: Dr.iqbal18 August 2011
I do not see many religious programmes.
But i think, This person is doing what he is suppose to do. I wiil advise people that they should not spoil time on these small petty thing.
Switch to another programme which you feel better.
Submited By: Chaudhry18 August 2011
Apna ganda kardaar bachaney ke liye bekasoor logu be ilzaam lagana ek buzdil suur ki nishaani hai...
Submited By: ismail18 August 2011
Bar bar Allah ka nam ley ker keh rha hai k ye fake vedio hai, Lekin aamir liaqat sahb apko 1 bat kahun
"Allah ka farman hai k koi b iss duniya se uss wakt tak uthaaya na jay ga jab tak uss ka zahir aur baatin aashkaar na ho jay"
Iss bat ko zehn mein rakhna aur dooosra ye k " Ek din Allah k samny jana hai aur jawab dena hai aur wahan koi topi drama nhe chaly ga"
ab aap janen aur apka kaam. Ap sachy hen ya jhooty apko behtr pata hai, Agar aap sachy hen tu Allah apko sharr se mehfooz rakhy
aur agar aap jhooty hen tu Allah aapko ko gharaq kary kion k log apko sunty hen.
Submited By: gondal18 August 2011
shame shame shame that person i never said dr all video asli hay ,i request to every one boycott this man is dangrous,harmful for society
Submited By: tariq18 August 2011
ok tell me about beard darhee why sometime he shave always behaving like actor if he said its then bring orignals
stop lying in this prog there is no phone call against him realy funny ....
Submited By: Atif18 August 2011
If the earlier video showing his vulgar language is original then GEO TV should also be held equally responsible, They promoted the fake person as a religious scholars. The GEO TV administration and staff are more responsible for this cheat.
and If the video is orignal then his current employer ARY digital network and QTV are also not trustworthy.. We should immediately call out to shut down GEO and ARY because they both cheating and deceiving the nation with fake persons
Submited By: Tariq18 August 2011
Why are you not going to court if you know the video is fake and some one is who you know is trying to tarnish your reputation. The fact of the matter is that the video is 100% true and you are such a liar.Shame on you. your body language and your tarash kharash and your dress you never convinced me I always thought you as an actor and fake. Laanat ho tujh per khabees shaitaan.
Submited By: Anwer Alibaig18 August 2011
If he thinks he is not a liar, then why does not he defend himself against the allegations of fake degree, and why does not he respond to Mr Mubashar Luqman's(Khari Baat)requests to appear in his show in order to explain away the allegations. The stigma will remain until he defends himself.
Submited By: shamsi18 August 2011
Submited By: shamsi18 August 2011
this criminal should be ban .this man is fraud.enough is enough
Submited By: Usman18 August 2011
یار یہ لوگ کیا کیا کریں گے۔میں اڈیٹین کرتا ہوں۔ جانتاہوں اڈیٹین کو۔تیری کال مجھے فیک لگ رہا ہے۔مگر تیری ویڈیواصلی ہے۔
Submited By: tipu18 August 2011
HAHHA first call come from mecca and second from medina,hahah wowo
you looking sophisticated man ,handsome man
go for any fashion shows,please dont make fool anymore to peopleps
Submited By: musarat ullah(USA)18 August 2011
Donot worry people throw stones at fruit trees,Dr.Aqbal says" toondie bad mukhlif saa na ghabrah aa oukaab--yee tu chaltee hai tujeeh uoncha uraney ka liya Another one: Shaayee teri parvaz say jalta ha zamaana--tu aur bhe es aag ku paar sa hawaa deh Allh app ku apney amaan ma rakhey
Submited By: rizwan18 August 2011
ah realy shame on you Dr,Amir liaquat .even you not say i am sorry,and blame on someone do wrong with you .
Submited By: rizwan18 August 2011
ah realy shame on you Dr,Amir liaquat .even you not say i am sorry,and blame on someone do wrong with you .
Submited By: rizwan18 August 2011
i was really like you and all my family was like you Dr.Amir liaquat,unfortunately our heart not believe on you eny moor
we live in non muslim ,and now i believe non muslim is 100 time better for same kind of muslims,
shame on you Dr.Amir Liaquat
Submited By: tariq18 August 2011
he is lying beside this vedio check him
he is taking fake phone call he could be actor but not aalam.He did nt explain about he fake degree. he will never stop lying over lying
Submited By: Aqeel isb18 August 2011
Such a liar, whos he fooling to? if you know even very little about the editing, you can tell that wasn't edited or dubbed, I doubt, our people will start believing that he is speaking the truth, and thats the reason of our downfall.
Submited By: Shehzad life18 August 2011
This program is per-planned , ye sari fake calls krwai gai hyn, apny ap ko suchha sabit krny k liay. baki yar, ALLAH he janta hy Such kia hy or jhot kia....
Submited By: Nadeem18 August 2011
The ONLY way that he could clarify himself is that Geo network to ON AIR those same ORIGINAL videos (un edited) then we will think tht he is innocent otherwise he is still not clear .
Submited By: Maaz nida18 August 2011
AOA, i didn;t believe that video anyway. the video was fake.
Submited By: hamzazahoor78618 August 2011
woh video real hy fake nhi bakwas karta hy is ki nazareeen dekheen oth he nhi rahi hy jhoti jo hy isi waja se jhota makar farebi insan hy begerat ......!
Submited By: Pakistan Zindabad18 August 2011
What an Actor this Amir Liaqat is.
Lying over lying, What a Shameless man.
Typical politician acting like other politician, they do not admit his mistake, just saying, it is propaganda like other politicians. EVEN HE HAS FAKE DOCTORATE DEGREE.SHAMELESS MAN still acting.
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