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Front Line – 6th March 2012
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Hassan Nisar Analyst, Zaid Hamid Defence Analyst, Dr. Fouzia Saeed Human Right Activist and Ali Chishti Defence Analyst in fresh episode of Front Line on Express News and Talk With Kamran Shahid.The topic of this talk show is"Extremism"
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Submited By: khalid21 March 2012
Zahid Hamid sahab aap kin stupid looghoon kay program main aa gay hain
main aik bat janta hoon
Kamran Shahid: is ka search work yeh hota hay keh Sialkout main 2 innocent bachoon ko zulm ker kay maar deya jata hay aur Kamran sahab apnay program main unhain theives aur choor declare kerdaytay hain.
Hasan Nisar: yeh woh insaan hay jo her waqt sharab kay nashay main rehta hay.
Gay boy: woh gay hay us nay tu waysay he 15 20 l-n khaay hoay hain .

Abh bataain Zahid sahib yeh loogh woh hain jinhain Qiyamat per believe nahin hay. yeh loogh muslim hi nahin hain . Kamran jaysay loogh tu hain hi ghadaar.
so plzz sir leave them. plzzz
Submited By: BLADE19 March 2012
Well i am very sad to see, How Ignorant my nation is, They are all quick to jump to a conclusion without a double thought, Well this happens because lack of education Deeni and Dunyawi. Listen carefully what Mr. Hassan Nisar said and what exactly he meant by that. Well to understand that you need to have proper education in both Deen and Dunya. Hassan Nisar said nothing wrong in fact what he said is true 100% but as i sadly said 99 % of my nation is TURBO IGNORANT and they took out 1 phrase of his from the context and now trying to tarnish him.. Wah zabardast kia quam hai hamaree..No wonder we deserve all this SHIT happening in our country..Jese Log Wase Hukumran… And as far as Mr. Hamid is concern i will just say another IGNORANT Charlatan sadly who twist every thing in the name of the religion and is quite successful because we are a nation full of ignorant s we dont have proper education in deen and in Dunya only LAKIR KE FAKIR.
Submited By: Qureshi09 March 2012
دوستو ہم سب کو اپنے لہجے میں نرمی اختیار کرنی چاہیے . نیتوں کا حال صرف الله جانتا ہے.

حسن نثار صاحب کی کچھ باتیں ٹھیک ہیں مگر ان کا لہجہ بہت سخت ہے .

زید حامد صاحب کی بھی باتیں ٹھیک ہیں مگر ان کا انداز بہت جذباتی ہے .

ان کو اپنے انداز بیان میں نرمی لانی چاہیے .
Submited By: Tauseef09 March 2012
Congratulation to all the pakistanis for having such a brave army on their side. Enemy is lined up against you. There are 44 countries trying to breach in from the western border, but all they can manage are few drones. Time is running out on them because of their financial meltdown back home. They tried once but got a bleedy nose instead in the shape of a downed chopper and a few dozen soldiers. Pakistan has the right to pre amp because of the size, cant afford a nuclear hit. And the enemy knows that baghram air base is not too far from sargodha air defense command and control.
Submited By: Salman09 March 2012
My brother aap express wale kisi sahi muslim ko in ke sath bethaya karain takeh wo in ko sahi deen batae pher main dekhon ga hasan nisar ye ali aur ye ego wali kaise fazool batain kar sakti hai..kamran aap ko zaid hamid ka sath dena chahiye tha
Submited By: Mac08 March 2012
o kuttay ali or***hassan nisar tum par ALLAH ke laanat h0
Submited By: FAIAL08 March 2012
Hassan nisar is right about Saudi Nationality, but if u marry with saudi girl then your children will get the nationlity of Saudia. (lots of forigner did same route)
Submited By: truth08 March 2012
Kamran Shahid your are the root of evil you deliberately make you programme controversial. your agenda is always to make people fight each other in your shows.
Submited By: truth08 March 2012
all sucker and fucker except zaid hamid
Submited By: i_l07 March 2012
ali sahahab .....bahot khoooob baten kin aaap ne .khushi hoee
Submited By: Majid07 March 2012
Zaid hamid is great ... wo tu waqat hi bataye ga .... sacho kon hey .... Aur Allah key deen Ana hey and I would feel proud on my self when i would be a part of Khilafat-e-Isalaam
Submited By: khan haris07 March 2012
jab islam se dor hon tuo ye hi kuch hota he hassan nisar aik zoinist he
Submited By: khan haris07 March 2012
they r all jews not muslims
Submited By: AUH07 March 2012
@ Khan

آپ صحیح کہ رہے ہو .
کيا غضب ہے کہ اس زمانے ميں
ايک بھي صاحب سرور نہيں
زید حامد صاحب بھی بلا وجہ علامہ اقبال کا حوالہ دیتے رہتے ہیں، حالانکہ اسکی ضرورت نہیں ہوتی.
Submited By: KHAN07 March 2012
ہر کسی نے وہ لکھا جو وہ صحیح سمجھتا ہے زید حامد ٹھیک یا دوسرے یہ ایک الگ سبجیکٹ مگر خدا کی خدائی میں دیکھو حضرت علامہ اقبال کے متعلق کیا کہا جا رہا ہے بد بختو ایک زندگی تو کیا دس بار بھی پیدا ہو کر ان کی طرح لکھنے والے تو کیا ان کے لکھے ہوۓ کو نہیں سمجھ پاؤ گے یہ تیسری طرح کی مخلوق نظر انے والے یا انے والی چشتی کو دیکھو کئی علامہ اقبال پیدا ہوۓ اور چلے گۓ جیسے کہ یہ خود ،علامہ اقبال پھر نہیں پیدا ہو گا ان کی کہی لکھی ہوئی ایک ایک بات سمندر کی گہرائیوں سے بھی گہری اگر سمجھو تو، اگر ایسے نابلد لوگ میڈیا پر اتے رہے تو وہ دن دور نہیں کہ کئی مرتد سلمان رشدی بن کر اپنے آپ پر فخر کریں ، یہاں لکھنے والوں میں بھی ایسے بھی ہیں جو چشتی کی تعریف کر رہے ہیں کامران شاہد تمہارا جواب نہیں تم سہی معنوں میں ماسی مصیبتے ہو
Submited By: ALI07 March 2012
Zaid Hamid is the best.
Submited By: Mac07 March 2012
zaid hamid you rocks the petriotic people like u r really less in pakistan now a days but hats off to u respect u a lot dont listen stupid idotic and impotent person like ali and nisar.

I don't know why Nisar is always impressed with west, I think he still feels that he was wrongly born in Pakistan.... People like this should go and live outside Pakistan and then they'll see how is it to live like second grade citizen even in England.... These people try to be "Brown Goras"
Submited By: MALIK G07 March 2012
Submited By: MALIK G07 March 2012


Submited By: MALIK G07 March 2012
Submited By: MALIK G07 March 2012
Submited By: AUH07 March 2012
مشرق سے ہو بيزار ، نہ مغرب سے حذر کر
فطرت کا اشارہ ہے کہ ہر شب کو سحر کر

حسن نثار صاحب مشرق سے بیزار لگتے ہیں ... اور... زید حامد صاحب مغرب سے حذر کر رہے ہیں

Submited By: Tariq07 March 2012
PLEASE CONVEY this message to Hasan Nisar (NOTE: I have used here the language that Hasan Nisar uses all the time on TV Channels):


Well, Mr Hasan Nisar now you know how does your "fake medicine" taste like ?

Clearly, you don't come across as a terribly intelligent or learned person. Most of your arguments are senseless and it is hard to make any "head or tail: out of it.

Alas, the nation breeds and nourishes seemy characters like you. It is a tragedy for this society that it still rewards sensationalism, impertinent behavior and convoluted characters in the name of modernity.
Submited By: Amna07 March 2012
H Nisar jaisa Beghairat Sharabi ka Zaid Hamid Jaise mard e momin se kya muqabla.Ye zalil sharabi aadmi aur ye doodh peeta jahil Ali Chishti, Zaid Hamid ki baat kahan samajh sakte hain.
Submited By: TnT07 March 2012
fuk dis laal topi wale ko,
great show. plz someone clean dis laal topi GARBAGE we dnt need him in pk throw sme whr near israel
Submited By: Ijaz07 March 2012
Hassan Nisar is not an idiot. He is f****** Idiot and Bastar*. and the rest three are bastar* aswell.
Submited By: Muhammad Aziz Abbas07 March 2012
Lagta ha aaj Hassan Nisar na zayada sharab pee li ha,

Ali Chishti sb ko apna naam change ker k Robert Gilberto rakh lena chahiye,

Fozia Saeed should call herself Candace Michelle

Hassan Nisaar should be named as Pandit Harish Chandar ..

Ab ham in logon ki baat ka ghussa nai karain ga ..
Submited By: Muhammad Aziz Abbas07 March 2012
Lagta ha aaj Hassan Nisar na zayada sharab pee li ha
Submited By: Jo Amro07 March 2012
Hats off to Hassan Nisar
Submited By: FJ07 March 2012
Hasan nisar coward laughing asshole he think himself as smart***knowing the truth. While Zaid revives and talks always positive for Muslim Ummah to keep them united where Nisar makes fun of Muslims. Shame on Nisar as he doesnt talk motivational or doesnt give a single achievement of Muslim in Medical sciences or early accomplishments of Medieval Islamic scientists.
Submited By: FJ07 March 2012
Hasan Nisar talks sick because he is drunk in show of Dr. Shahid Masood while talking non-sense and he demoralized by Paki nation by distorting Muslim history. Nisar doesn't have solutions to real world problems. Where Zaid hamid talks professionally and recognize in International media like RT tv.
Submited By: imad din07 March 2012
Brother Hassan Nisar is right but mostly people think he is secular but he is not. He just says book to follow is Quran and Ideal is Rasool Ullah S.A. but other people saying some bullshit like fozia saeed was saying staight some think kind of that she hate islam. If thats what then who is forcing you to be muslim just declare yourself what ever religion you like. no one will ask you any thing. But why you want stay muslim but hate islam
Submited By: Irfan07 March 2012
I do not know why talk shows are so desperate to invite idiots like Zaid Hamid.He contributes nothing to discussion and tries to reinvent and distort history, never mind the facts. Pakistan was created on the basis of two nations theory and it was a collosal failure, first more muslims chose to remain in India than move to Pakistan.Secondly, the split of Bangladesh from Pakistan was a death blow to two nations theory.Let us admit it, the creation of Pakistan in 1947 was a geographical blunder and we are now reaping the results of that blunder.Zaid Hamid is living in a fools paradise, he talks about how great Islam was, he does not want to talk about what we are now. We call ourtselves an atomic power but we can not feed our own people, produce enough electricity or educate or look after the health of out citizens. We stand before the world with a begging bowl and borrow money to pay our bills, while we refuse to pay income tax.We lie, cheat, kill, often in the name of religion.
Submited By: naveed07 March 2012
well i like this debate but the way these three idiots hasan nisar ali and stupid fozia spoke against islam pakistan muhammad ali jinnah and allama iqbal i dislike it and condemn it....and sir zaid hamid points were 100 % logical bcz we as a muslims believe that no law is better 4 this world more than islam and yes if we had some bad people in islamic history then we also had a lot of gud people in islamic history.....just love zaid hamid sb...i think he must join PTI coz sir zaid and sir imran r agree atleast on IQBAL and khilaft-e-rashida.....
Submited By: ADNAN BUTT SPAIN06 March 2012
Submited By: Sahar06 March 2012
kamran shahid I hate your program now !! this is the respect you have for Pakistan and our founding fathers?????????????????
Submited By: Tahir06 March 2012
Sir Zaid Hamid prover that everyone else in the show is an idiot
Submited By: Shahbaz Asif Tahir06 March 2012
Hasan Nasir, go get psychiatric
Submited By: Anum06 March 2012
Hassan nisar was just proving his jealously towards SIR ZAID HAMID! and yes he can never match SIR ZAID's shoes
Submited By: SHAHID06 March 2012
yes ali chisti tucha karaya ka khusra hai kon yeh hijra toh mujra saa hee itna kama laa ga isa colums likhna ko kisna bola hai. And haasan nisar ka muuuh per pori dunya ke laanat
Submited By: Shahbaz Asif Tahir06 March 2012
Hasan Nisar, Fauzia Saeed and Ali
Chishti, fear Allah Subhana.
Submited By: Shahbaz Asif Tahir06 March 2012
Hasan Nisar, is a defeatist
comedian. Ali Chishti is a shameful
Submited By: Mughal06 March 2012
islam ke bare main batain karne wale loog ye bata dain k pakistan main tou islam nafiz he nahin he pakistan main zubaan pakistan ki parhae jati he.tou pir pakistan main science taraqi kaise paghal libral loog jin momalik ki baat karte hein aur jin ki misaal dete hen unn mommalik ne taraqi ki he apne culture aur apni zubaan ko paar kar
Submited By: kamran06 March 2012
ali is behaving stupid ways he need to learn how to talk just mumy dadi guy.
Submited By: umer dar06 March 2012
hassan nisar is sick minded.
Submited By: Zara Hasim06 March 2012
I always follow Sir Zaid and listen to him only, as he only presents the true pictuers of our enemies.

i totally dislike people like these three barking dog clowns and their ancor. this ancor was in uk to updates on his gulami/slavery roll for his personal highs; well oxford univercty have trained him well, kia bhonk raha ha.
Submited By: x6ekamran pasha06 March 2012
mera aap ko challenge ha hasan nisar ko ibtisam Elahi zaheer ke sath es programe bethain warna main ko baise samjo ga Allah ka deen kabi change nahi hota ha na hasan nisar kar sakta ha.
Submited By: kamran pasha06 March 2012
My brother aap express wale kisi sahi muslim ko in ke sath bethaya karain Ibtisam Elahi zaheer ko takeh wo in ko sahi deen batae pher main dekhon ga hasan nisar ye ali aur ye ego wali kaise fazool patain kar sakti ha
Submited By: siddique akbar06 March 2012
all the so called libral participants tried to dicegrace muslims and islam you and your learned think tank stressed leave old islam and follow europ sir all that glitters is not gold be muslim
Submited By: nasir malik06 March 2012
zaid hamid is alone fighting with three idiots, hasan nisar is self accalaimed geneious infact he is day dreamer ghullam of indian and western culture. fozia saeed who is she barking bitch.

Submited By: chohan tahir06 March 2012
sorry to say Zaid Hamid is sick,
may Allh show him the path where Pakistan can become a peaceloving and humanloving state no difference between east or west we all humanbeing should respect eachother and every one has the right to sacrifie for their own country and flurich own soceity and do not teach to hate other believers
Submited By: Tahir06 March 2012
علی صاحب نے بلکل سو فیصد ٹھیک کہا ہے یہ ایک کڑوی حقیقت ہے اس کو اب مان لینا چاہیے ورنہ اب تباہی سر پر کھڑی ہے بدقسمتی سے حامد زید جیسے لوگ اس ملک میں بہت زیادہ پائے جاتے ہیں۔کوئی ان سے پو چھے کہ یہ کس حثیت سے انڈیا اور امریکہ کے خلاف اس قدر جذباتی ہر وقت کیوں رہتے ہیں
Submited By: chohan tahir06 March 2012
Hasan Nissar zindabad,may Allah bless u
Hassan Nissar sahib you r the only Scholar who have the courage to stand for rightness
Hassan sahib May you live long I wisch there should be hunderds and thousands Scholars and Students,humans in Pakistan who should have also the courage to stand up for the rigtness in Pakistan
Pakistan is for all Pakistanis no matter what is there personal believes

Pakistan zindabad
Submited By: saima06 March 2012
zaid hamid kay sadqay hum ko inn satano ki manhoos shaklay dhakni parti ha. zara dhako tu inn media kay bygarto ko, kasay phal phool rhay ha indian aur israeli paso per.
Submited By: PakWatan06 March 2012
Lanath on all Pakistani media mafias.
Submited By: Ahsan06 March 2012
All four were talking about the same basic thing, but they just didn't know it.
Submited By: PakWatan06 March 2012
Now we know why Pakistan is so down, its because of these traitors within. I'd say shoot down all these bastards.

Sir ZH, we know these bastards will never stop at anything, even if you bring their mothers in front of them.
Submited By: Three Maskarys=Hassan Nisar, Fouzia Saeed, Ali Chishti06 March 2012
Three Maskarys against One Scholar and Thinker.
Submited By: Janab Illama Iqbal Ko Salam aur Duas06 March 2012
Hassan Nisar, Fouzia Saeed, Ali Chishti and Kamran Shahid; without any doubt are the children of Satan/Dajjal.

A question to all these begotten children of Satan/Dajjal;

Q: Where in histories, Was anyone allowed on national medias to smear campaign against nation, national identity and national forefathers, and if they have done so, were they left to live to breath the second breath???
Submited By: Kirshan Jolla06 March 2012
Zahid hamid u r blooming idiot.....Learn some thing from this world and learn from Hasan Nisar. God bless Hasan Nisar.
Submited By: awan06 March 2012
hassan nisar you are ignorant sechlor.I know why you against Dr. Iqbal becos you are Kharji.your opposition to Dr. Iqbal is becos of religious beleive.He (Iqbal) is follower of Prophet(saww) and his family. and you are opposer to Ali(as) and his family. I know you are creation of Arab money.and present the history in wrong mode.I know like you so many cheap people are sitting in foreighn countries.they try to talk same nonsense.
I ask you did you follow the religion(Islam),I mean Quran.all three ediots are away from Islam and preaching the nonsense.I am shame on you Qamran, you bring these ignorant and ediots and foreighn paid workers.why hassan nisar is presenting the arab,I thing they act like unhumane.Pakistan is not islamic country ,we all do against the Islam.our life is nonislamic then we accuse the Pakistan.every body knows that they are rubbish and are not intelectual.specialy fozia saeed and ali chishti.they are very ignorant.
Hassan Nisar you are khargi and aasteen ka sanp.
Submited By: Muhammad Umar Sami06 March 2012
I have seen 2 super powers fall in my life time. First USSR and now USA is also going down. I think both of them reached this status after 2nd world war. They did not retained this status even for a century and we muslims retained this status for over 10 centuries. I don't understand what was Hassan Nisar and Fouzia Saeed talking about. I think both of them should reconsider their views.
Submited By: Zaid Hamid Zindabad06 March 2012
Hazar do do TAKO walo ki,
Aik Marad e Mujahid aur Murad e Ghazi Zaid Hamid ki. :))

Yeh hassan nisar aur ali chishti dono beygarat hindo sakalo walay do do TAKAY kay asli dhasthgard ha.
Submited By: Muhammad Umar Sami06 March 2012
As muslims we need to include alot more relgious education and history of muslims in education system. Our system should be able to produce balanced minded people, who are able to better analyze our problems. If history of muslims is not good than can anyone mention example of a better human civilization?
I think Hassan Nissar and Fouzia Saeed should work on it and include examples of their ideal society so that we should clearly know what they are talking about when they disrespect muslims.
Submited By: Just truth06 March 2012
Our nation have potential but we can’t use it properly in proper channels.
Don’t be think as loosers.
InshALLAH we will progress if we elect a eligible ruler.
If pakistani nation can make world’s best technology atom bomb,it can do anything other.
Submited By: Moon06 March 2012
Hassan Nissar you are best,close to reality,eye opner.
Lady was also telling truth.
Zaid Hamid you are well educated but why you want to be called parra likha Jahil.
Submited By: Just truth06 March 2012
I think zaid hamid is right at some extent.
Submited By: Nadeem Husain06 March 2012
Please do not bring immatured people like Ali Chisti in your programs. He talks nonsense.
Submited By: lostkingdom06 March 2012
let zaid hameed speak,,,he is right in his place.
this ali chausti is only talking why he can't show some practical in his life. he don't know how to talk and he is really a person who is impressed from others and can't do anything by himself.
pakistan need nothing only law. and that law should be equal and followed.
this lady is stupid she is lying and want to impress her ngo bosess. nobody has touched hindu or sikh or christian. they are our brothers like other muslims in pakistan.
what hasan nisar is saying that is reality...everybody in pakistan is actually working for somebody other country not for pakistan ....their country.
Submited By: Amir06 March 2012
Ban this Pathetic anchor Kamran Shahid
Submited By: AUH06 March 2012
علامہ اقبال نے کہا تھا

مشرق سے ہو بيزار ، نہ مغرب سے حذر کر
فطرت کا اشارہ ہے کہ ہر شب کو سحر کر

Don't shun the East, nor look on West with scorn,
Since Nature yearns for change of night to morn.
Submited By: maqsood06 March 2012
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