Watch In Session – 11th February 2012
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In Session – 11th February 2012
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Sheikh Rashid Ahmed President AML, Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi PTI, Asma Arbab Alamgir PPP, Nazeer Naji Senior Columnist and Ansar Abbasi Analyst in fresh episode of In Session on Dunya News and Talk with Asma Chaudhry.
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Added: Sat Feb 11, 2012 | Votes: 32 | Comments: 26
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Submited By: Qurban Hussain12 February 2012
Only one person to save Pakistan that is Imran Khan the person who cares for Pakistani people and as shown by his actions. Vote for PTI for better Pakistan. Keep PPP democracy to your self because your democracy is to steel from Pakistani people and ignore the court orders.
Submited By: By Fairmind12 February 2012
Nazeer Naji likking up ppp and talking rubbish. crook was voted in by most crooks as president.
Submited By: By Fairmind12 February 2012
Democratic forces like PPP is so corrupt that they all ways end up in court because they try to operate out side the norm of the law. Going to gail is for normal people a shameful act but to the corrupt forces it is form of entitalment to national assembly.
For god's sake do not destroy the structures of the state for one corrupt person in the president house who was sentenced for money laundering to six month suspended and fined Swiss court. What a shame for nation of Pakistan that he is sitting in the president house. If people like him are voted in the next election then it is shamefull for people who vote for him. It will show that people who vote for them are also corrupt.
Submited By: Fearnoone12 February 2012
Qurbani only accepted for Halal thing. Qurabani of these bastard voltures would not be accepted.
Submited By: Patriot12 February 2012
Asma Ch:
We are fed up by hearing over and over again the same thing. You have no control over your show. It is more or less like a fish market. We all know that Zardari will eat, Asma Jahngir, alive if she does not defend him in talk shows.
Submited By: kamal butt pakistani cheeta12 February 2012
asma arbab seb say bery gashtee hay!!!
Submited By: kamal butt pakistani cheeta12 February 2012
ppp,kutoon aur gashteuun kee party hay!!!asma seb say bery gushtee hay!!!kutoon aur gashteuun kee qurbaanee nahee hotee!!!
Submited By: Muhammad Ibrahim12 February 2012
Asma Jhanghir is just protectingher stupid, bastard masters who are corrupt and have novalues. prime Minister is corrupt with his whole family (MBBS)and now protecting his Shataan AQA,Zardai. Zardai has a full army of cheelas including some some media people like Nazir Naji , Rauf Clasra, Nasim Zahra etc. They arejust helping corrupt people and not scaredof GOD.
May Allah bless our Country.
I request my whole nation not to Vote these corrupt parties.
Submited By: pakistan zindabad12 February 2012
Kutton ki qurbani nahi hotti.kuttay haram han.haram khana wala***hota ha.jis jis na haram khayah ha voh***ha.
Submited By: Naeem UK12 February 2012
She is so sexy... I think Zardari will keep her as a pet!!!
Submited By: GREATER PAKISTAN12 February 2012
“Badlo Bure Nizam Ko, Vote Do Imran Ko”
Submited By: Swami Pranab Roy12 February 2012
Why Mr. Geelani ji does not ask the EXACT TEXT of this letter from the court itself? Let court put their mind & take the responsibility of the text also apart from the directives about this letter. Some cat & mouse play.
Submited By: sherpao12 February 2012
@ tahir chaudhry and toni true words but sorry cant repeat hahah
Submited By: Toni12 February 2012
asma arbab alamgeer kash yeh mere hath a jae ghori bana ker is ki***maron ga.yeh joot bolna hatam ker de gi.zerdari is ki***marta hai is lie ye us k lie joot bolti hai
Submited By: TAHIR CHAUDHRY japan12 February 2012
ASMA ARBAB ALAMGHEER shakal se kunjri hai iss besherm ko TV per sab k samne JHOOT BOLTE sharam nahi ati.PPP ne iss jesi kunjriyan jhoot bolne aor CRUPT ZERDARI ko defend kerne k lie parliment ki mamber banayi hui han......................SHEEM,SHEEM for all PPP [ZERDARI].LAANAT,LAANAT,zerdari per aor zerdari ki ppp walon per.BEGHERAT HAN WO JO PPP ZERDARI MEEN SHAMIL HAN.
Submited By: Imran12 February 2012
Hassan nisar's view on Laptop and income support Must watch very funny ..!!
Submited By: sohail12 February 2012
Submited By: sohail12 February 2012
Submited By: tahir khattak12 February 2012
I really hurt when i listen to these political leader they are cheating with innocent pakistani nation but when things are going in their favor then its ok but when its against them then its means some one derail to democracy we dont need this type of democracy in our country.Asma g plz save the country request to all pakistani this time one and only imran ho wish to deliver give u r vote and make him next prime minster plz
Submited By: ملک بچاؤ12 February 2012
کتوں کے بھونکنے سے نا تو فقیروں کا رزق کم ہو تا ہے نا ہی سفر کھوٹا ہوتا ہے (سحدی).
شیخ رشید جب تم بینظر کے بارے میں گندی زبان استعمال کرتے تھے اس وقت تمہاری گندی زبان کون ہلاتا تھا ، جب حقانی گندی میڈیا کمپین کر رہا تھا اور تم اس سارے پروسسس کا حصہ تھے. اس
کس کے کہنے پر تم نے یہ کام کیا . یہ سب کچھ تم نے اپنے سیاسی باپ نواز شریف کے کہنے پہ کیا . الله سب جانتا ہے اور دیکھتا ہے ، نواز شریف کی عزت کا جنازہ جو( ایم قیو ایم ) نے نکلا وہ ساری دنیا نے دیکھا ، اب تم اپنی باری کا انتظار کرو. آیندہ جب بھی کسی کی ماں بہن اور بیٹی کے بارے میں گندی زبان استعمال کو اپنے سیاسی باپ نواز شریف کو ذہین میں ضرور رکھنا.
شیخ رشید تم ایک غلیظ انسان ہو اور جو تمے انوایٹ کرتا ہے وہ یہقینن ملک کا وفا دار نہیں ہو سکتا .
شیخ رشید کراے کا کتا ہے جسے بھونکنے کے لیے یہ بےغیرت ٹی وی انکر اک گھنٹے کے لیے لیز کرتے ہے ایک اک گھٹہ بھونکتا. پھر اس کتے کو دوسرا بےغیرت اینکر اس کوایک گھنٹے کے لیے لیز پر لیے جاتا ہے
Submited By: Pak12 February 2012
Jhooti, Harami, Charsan Tuwaef Asma Arbab jhoot pe jhoot bolti ja rahi hay. Kameeni sharam nahi ati . Lannat hay is kanjri pe.
Submited By: s.m.ahmed12 February 2012
Submited By: s.m.ahmed12 February 2012
The day the BB was asasinated the gang start its role to dominate the people of Pakistan don't try to make shield of peoples' of Pakistan. Now the Govt.have to meet its fate.
Submited By: bilal khan12 February 2012
Submited By: FROM PAKISTANI11 February 2012
only imran khan safe pakistan
Submited By: sylvia11 February 2012
Agar ab luteron ko vote dia toh ephir PAK sur zameen ka Allah hi malik ha.logon agar tum logon na mulk nahi bachayah toh phir bhool jao watna Aziz ko.Vote Zaroor dana.yah nawaz tolla,zardari tolla,pmlq tolla,anp tolla meesaqe corruption ma sign kia ha.Apna buchon ka future ka soda nahi kerna.
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