Watch Khari Baat Luqman Kay Sath – 19th July 2011
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Khari Baat Luqman Kay Sath – 19th July 2011
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Hassan Nisar Analyst and Saleem Bokhari Analyst in fresh Episode of Khari Baat Luqman Kay Sath and Discussing With Mubashar Luqman.
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Added: Tue Jul 19, 2011 | Votes: 23 | Comments: 29
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Submited By: aamir21 November 2011
hasan nisar thik banda hai
Submited By: Tariq23 August 2011
Submited By: Tariq23 August 2011
what a nice talk. Hassan nisar show areal face of pakistani peoples.
Submited By: Asif Riaz24 July 2011
These guys hav analyzed 100% correct..... May Allah bless wisdom to all the people to ponder upon these words of intellect.
Submited By: ali22 July 2011
Hassan Nissar is blunt, forceful but honest. I wish more people would follow his message of truth, honesty, and fairness. Pakistan could then prosper.
Submited By: ali22 July 2011
Saleem Bokhari - The way General Zia promoted and propagated Islam, no one would after dared make such a sale in Pakistan - That was a great line. Great discussion, Mubashir asked good questions.
Submited By: Touseef22 July 2011
Dear Mubashar sb, Excellent effort to make the nation realize where they stand right now. Every single word in this program was true and was a actual depiction of our character. Had the time allowed, it could have been elaborated with even finer details :)
Submited By: pakistani? oh yeh PAKISTANI22 July 2011
Nisar tell true! but i am afraid to accept till now that i am not yet a good pakistani!!!!!!!!!!!
Submited By: Mushahib II21 July 2011
Pakistan has a very bright future. Pakistanis outside Pakistan are a living example of our energy, hard work, and achievement - we are about the richest community in US.
Less children, more computers, reational expectations, in keping with our present resources shall help. Recent Ramazan
package,Benazir Income Support Program, and our Qumi Bachat Programs are good programs. Every society has social stratification. Smart people, who are about 1/3 of any population, roughly college vrs non-college, do well under any system. We chose US, because they are believers like us. I cannot think of one head of the state from the Quid to Zardari, who did not do his best, under the circumstances, at that time, to take Pakistan further. Recent unique negative circumstances - floods, war on terror, did not help us. Appropriate, and fair criticism is very difficult. Criticism with solutions is even harder.
Submited By: Zishan21 July 2011
One of the best and by far the most honest and accurate analysis given the situation in pakistan. Mubashir bhai tusi Great ho :p Dua kero yea sari batain galat hon or Allah Pakistan ko qayam o dayam rakhay. Amen.
Submited By: A M bhatti20 July 2011
salam mubashir sb ap ka programe khari bat bohat hi acha hai please issey aisey hi rakhna GOD BLESS YOU.bhatti calgary.
Submited By: Arif mahmood20 July 2011
Mubashar sab i am Arif from Germany.Your show khari baat bohat achaa hai.Aur khari baat with Hassan Nisar Aur Bokhari Sab k sath too haqeeqat k qreeb hai.Meyra app ko salam agar ho saky too app apna tel no muaj ko mail kar do plz

Salam Arif
Submited By: M Naeem20 July 2011
Its right to discuss the ground realities and I totally agree to both of them at least for the first 30 minutes, but I never heard a hopeful words from this HASSAN NISAAR. I never used this language, but I have to say to hell with these stupids who believe "Mareez is waqt ICU mein hey and stability tak operation nah ho sakta"...
Submited By: ali ahmed faraz20 July 2011
jeo app teenoon aaj jo haqeeqat ka izhaar keya hassan sahab no Allah kary wo din abhi aajai.Aameen
Submited By: Zubair20 July 2011
Bangladesh ky pass atom bomb hai na Nepal ky na Bhutan ky ... India ny un per to cherhai nahi ki ....

Hassan Nisar is right ... naybazi choor ker sachai ka samna karoo ..
Submited By: Nadeem Akhtar20 July 2011
Baat to sach hay magar bat hai ruswai ki....
The question is why???????????
Who is responsible????????????
Where did this leadership come from???????
If the whole nation is corrupt... what do you expect from leaders... They didn't come from Mars... they are part of this nation...
Ummed pe dunya qaim hay.... Lage raho munna bhai:(
Submited By: Adeel Warraich20 July 2011
One of the best programes period!
1st time commenting on any programe and I believe this was the best and the most accurate current affairs programe about the current situation. I agree with the treatment these people have suggested.
Submited By: KhAn.20 July 2011
Nice Program ,,,,,.....
Submited By: efaz20 July 2011
who wants to take over pakistani people you think that India wants to do that I dont think so. Hassan Nisar is 100% right.
Submited By: mahmood20 July 2011
Hasan Nsair is right,try to be realistic we need HALAKO KHAN in Pakistan.
Submited By: maani20 July 2011
i agree with hasan nisar Allah hi hafiz is nation ka
Submited By: mahmood20 July 2011
hasah nahsir is right,try to be realistic guys
Submited By: Young Generation19 July 2011
changiz khan ki nasaal se leader chunoo

wo es qoum ko theek karein ge
Submited By: Dr.Saif19 July 2011
I do believe that criticism is the art of appraising others at one's own value,like this Mr.X !!
Saif I.Moulvi,BSc,MD,MS
Family Phtsician & Researcher
Submited By: Zubair Azhar19 July 2011
This is so stupid program today, I don't know why they always mention bad things but not the good deeds we have achieved. First ISLAMIC nuclear state we are the best people in world!!! They eat, live, earn, enjoy in Pakistan and even then they are trying to exploit this beautiful country... It is right our leaders never made good decisions but they all so called intellectuals should give solutions but how can they do it as they don't have any Belief in ALLAH as ALLAH said that who believe's in HIM will be rewarded!!!! WE LOVE PAKISTAN AND WE WILL DO ANYTHING FOR HER SUCCESS!!!
Submited By: Musheer19 July 2011
bat to such hai par bat hai ruswai ki..oh bhai suchi baatain bolta hai aur wo bol rah hai jo chal rah hai...
Submited By: ik pakistani19 July 2011
good debate knowledge base program.
Submited By: bashir19 July 2011
AOA Amjad sb can you see anything in very dark room if yes so please tell us.
Submited By: Amjad19 July 2011
Har waqt nakara baatein karna kahan ka insaaf hai, apne mulk ko har waqt badnam karna, in sab ko ummeed ki baatein karnee chaheyen, Hasan nisar sould be banned, he is poisoning the community.
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