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Lakin – 17th December 2011
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Senator Zahid Khan ANP, Senator Ismail Buledi JUI-F, Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza, Saleem Safi Journalist and Nazeer Laghari Analyst in fresh episode of Lakin in GEO News and talk with Sana Bucha.
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Submited By: S.Muzaffar ul Haq18 December 2011
We respect and like his softness , patience and seniority of Nazie Leghari but despite his mind set he should not try to tilt , twist and depose the facts which are now part of history.his tongue is poisonous about right wing or religious parties whose role is more positive in politics than his loved one.
As matter of fact Peoples Part always came in to to power as a result of negotiations and deals with establishment or America .He should read the latest witness of Condo Liza Rice in her book .

Z.A Bhutto was General secretary and Chief Polling agent of Ayub Khan's convention league against Madar e Millat and was minister for 9 years in two dictator's (Ayub and Iskandar Mirza) govts.
Bhutto Sahib opposed the transfer of power to the majority part of Sheikh Mujib ur Rahman while all other parties were supporting Sheikh Mujeeb.Then Bhutto joined Yahya Khan as his Foreign Minister and vice prime minister. In PPP's first govt. A
retired general was minister, Another retired general who was called butcher of Bengal was PPP's general secretary for long years and was defeated by Sheikh Rasheed in general election by 70,000.00 votes.
Benazir shaheed announced "TAMGHA E JAMHOORIYAT" to General Aslam Baig ,her home minister was retired general Babar, she made a deal with general Musharraf then returned to Pakistan.
I wish our politician could speak truth and show morality. Peoples Party maintained relations with establishment through out from it's birth till date .Faisal Saleh Hayat has publicly stated the same.
Recently stated by Sohail Varaich in his recent talk show , Asif Ali Zardari is of the view and going to state the same in his proposed speech in joint session of the parliament that America is after him and hatching the conspiracy to topple his govt. Or he feels that trying to eliminate him from power corridor of present system.
That is not surprising as each ruler who comes in to power by backing and mapping of United States , when he feels the earth sliding under his feet .

He always accuse America for that, we have several such examples as , Ayub Khan said "mujhay CIA kay naag nay duss liya" Philippiane president Ferdinand Marcos and King of Iran Zahir Shah claimed the same. In recent days Egyptian president Hosseni Mubarak is another example.
When such rulers feel loosing power they can not believe it can happen with out American conspiracy because they themselves are the product of such conspiracy.
It is a known and proven fact now present regime came in to existance as a result of Pervez Musharrf , A.N.P, and, P.P.P deal brokered by Anglo-American conspirators on behalf of their governments.

People who observe global changes are aware of the facts that America is not friend of individuals other than her own people and citizens.
Those who are installed and established on the basis of American Policies and plans are used like tissue papers and are thrown when their utility is over.

Since day one of his presence in president house and election of Gilani as Prime Minister their focus was on Three points 1- To keep their party in power at any
2-To make money through commissions,deals, corruption and
save that ill gotten money .
3- To please America and carry out their policies even at the price of innocent citizen's blood as in FATA which was disclosed by Vicky leaks.

People who say that Zardari is a clever politician and expert of art of keeping the collation intact are wrong.
In fact basically and by nature he is a trader and his target is always on profit he can earn out of his job whether as Prime Minister's husband , as minister of environment or as president.
No matter what happens to his party or country.His policy is that each one has a price which he is willing to pay.Like a good traders he keeps his customers and allies happy so his business could run and he keep getting the lions share.

That is the reason he did not hesitate to keep A.N.P in loop whose leader Wali Khan wowed in Zia regime " PEHLAY AHTESAB PHIR INTEKHAB" and latter on the party who he called "qatil League" and Benzair in her written speculation named Pervez Ellahi among her would be killers, that party became the part of his govt.
Submited By: S.Muzaffar ul Haq18 December 2011
Wise people said " half truth is more dangerous than whole lies " I wish Zahid Khan could had courage to speak the truth at least once on air in any talk show instead of playing role of Goebbels .
If we observe the role of different political parties concerning memo gate to defend and safeguard the present regime's role and President Asif Ali Zardari at any cost ,that is including the press statement of scandal and announcement of Asfandyar Wali Khan.

Zahid Khan who is showing his concern about American conspiracy and shedding the tears of crocodile , he as press secretary of his party can not give any valid reason for their criminal silence and secret support to American policies hatched by Pakistani govt and Armed forces. They have been killing their own brothers in FATA and receiving appreciation and rewards from America and Europe.
How funny is that now they are taking credit of shifting of Pakistan's Foreign policy regarding so-called WAR ON TERROR while they have been orchestral and stereo type statements calling it " OUR WAR" .That Policy shift is taking place because of killing of Armed Forces Jawans . Was the blood of innocent civilians killed in DRONE attacks and Army were earth worms or dirty water was running in their veins instead of red blood .Zahid Khan and his party can not show single instance or statement condemning DRONE attacks and cross border terrorism from Afghanistan .
How come , after accusing and abusing the Pak Army for half a century , suddenly their hearts showing over flowing love for them .

That is Irony and surprising , despite their Pathan Nationalism based politics , ANP which is the successor of NAP which was banned and charged for treason by Z.A Bhutto. The part was under trial in a special court and leadership was in jail when Gen Zia ul Haq toppled Bhutto regime . Treason case against them were withdrawn by that dictator and Chief Martial Law Administrator Gen Zia ul Haq and the tribunal was disbanded , Wali Khan and other leaders released under Zia's orders.

ANP always accused and abuse General Zia Ul Haq but never confessed the fact that their leader ( that time ) Wali Khan was in favor of trial against Bhutto and opposed the election with in 90 days after coup as promisedc by Zia ul Haq . He loudly said in press " PEHLAY EHTISAAB PHIR INTEKHAAB"
That is the tragedy of the party which always used the slogan of Pakhtoon rights and welfare of their province ,but practically always allied and stood shoulder to shoulder with the enemies and killers of Pakhtoons.
At the time of partition of India majority of Pakhtoon People supported Pakistan in referendum while this party was staunched supporter of Indian Congress and Hindus using their all energies and resources to oppose Muslim league's instance of inclusion the province in Pakistan . Even after loosing the support from their people and acceptance of referendum result by congress , Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan was crying to congress saying " YOU HAVE THROWN US BEFORE WOLVES AND LEFT ALONE"

Second time when Pakhtoon in Afghanistan were being killed by Russian forces and under occupation of USSR, during the whole blood shedding episode and great tragedy NAP was with Russians against Pakhtoons. Those days it was said that USSR never left where ever she entered once. Wali Khan openly said in national press that now Russians are our neighbor as in any country they enters , never leave it . How sad it was that foundation father of this party (what ever name they give it now) lived and died in Pakistan but preferred to be berried in Afghanistan which was under occupation of foreign invaders at the time.

And presently , third time they favored the killers and enemies of Pathans , Asfandyar Wali pleaded case of Pakhtoons in Washington or made a deal to sell their blood. U.S and NATO forces captured poor and ill armed Afghanistan. The people of Afghanistan are fighting the war of freedom against enemies. Pakhtoon in Pakistan who due to same race and faith are helping their brothers as they do traditionally. That is what is called PAKHTOON WALI"
Since the day one ANP leadership has been supporting Americans and helping them killing the Pakhtoons . Thousands innocent civilians were killed in DRONE attacks but they were " SUMMUM BUKMUM" not a single words of sympathy from them nor protest to the attackers being the present rulers of the province.

Is not that shameful and matter of condemnation ,in other provinces compensation is given to the victims of terrorist attacks while in that unlucky province where majority of people was killed in foreign power's attack through DRONE were never defended by our forces nor provided any compensation nor asked from so-called Pakhtoon nationalism champions.
Pakhtoons are the most patriotic brave Pakistanis and the best practicing Muslims that is the crime they are bring punished .

Submited By: Pakistan Zindabad18 December 2011
Bulidi is a sick mental case, talks none sense.

Imran Khan in politics from last 15 years, has learn one Tota-Kahani speech everyday, nothing els.

Seems to me PTI is nothing anymore for young people it was a slogan, it is High-Jacked by Old Lotas.

Imran Khan = Ch.Shujaat
Supporters = Rolling Lota's
Media spokspersons = Mummy Daddy Pampers group
Submited By: babar18 December 2011
This programme is so much biased and anti PTI its just amazing how much this sana bucha and the guest she ivites try to malign PTI but this wont work inshaAllah this time we wont fall for it and our vot is only for PTI and imran khan ..and i must say am well disappointed with saleem safi dint think he was like that they way he spoke against PTI and there people !!
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