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Long March Live
Mazrat Ke Sath - 2nd April 2012
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Lt. Gen (R) Hameed Gul Former Chief ISI in an Exclusive Interview With Saifan Khan in fresh episode of Mazrat Kay Sath On News One.
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Added: Mon Apr 02, 2012 | Votes: 7 | Comments: 21
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Submited By: ShameEndian03 April 2012
If U Want Prosperity, Then BREAK ENDIA. Bangladesh=E-PAKISTAN Has Proven ISLAMIC This. Bangladesh=E-PAKISTAN has left ENDIA behind in most progressive disciplines. The success of Bengalis augurs well for Kashmiris, Gujratis, Orissa, Dikan, Assam and West Bengalis, etc who are carrying out freedom movements in ENDIA. If these separatists succeed in getting their homeland free from ENDIA, then it's very likely that they will also leave the failed state of HINDO dominated ANGLO ENDIA way behind ... Just like Muslims of W&E-PAKISTAN have done.

So everyone who wants prosperity in this region & peace in the world should fight against the terrorist state of ANGLO ENDIA & support the independence movements going on in ANGLO ENDIA. ALLAH willing, we will soon see the following new countries on the world's map to join under one and All Pakistan:

Azad Kashmir

Azad Gujrat

Azad Orissa

Azad Dikan

Azad Assam

Azad West Bengal

Submited By: zulfiqar khan03 April 2012
In the name of the most Gracious and the most Merciful.Pakistan needs persons like Hameed Gul; he is not at least traitor to Muslims or Pakistan.Geo Hamid Gul! Geo Imran Khan! Vote for PTI only Inshallah!
Submited By: navid03 April 2012
no electric, no water and no gas. but aljihad aljihad. hheheh.
Submited By: awan03 April 2012
ISA Zinda bad....ISI tigers ,we are proud on you. Allah be with you.Keep your activities clean for Pakistanies to not get balme on yourself...
Hamid Gul Saib Live are our tiger...zinda bad pakistan zinda bad.
Submited By: shah02 April 2012
isi should break india in different parts like khalistan and naga state etcmm it is in the favour of region
Submited By: kahn02 April 2012
Pakistani politicians they donot have any guds to rule the great people
they are corroupt from the base
our heros are heros and devoted to the nation
Submited By: FROM PAKISTANI02 April 2012
vote for imran khan and safe pakistan
Submited By: Saad02 April 2012
great interview
Submited By: nee02 April 2012
Pakistan need imran Khan gulf hammer. General and others who are our heroand also all neat and clean people royal to Pakistan.we will ask people to hanged the zardari and his team in government for their corruption as well as their. Services.thanks Allah who save Pakistan. Its alpha place no one destroy it long live Pakistan. Allah o amber.
Submited By: Adil02 April 2012
Our Intelligence Agencies should be more efficient to cope up the present days challenges and remove all such anti-state actors from the politicals and medias as they are on pay roll of our enemies like USA,Israel and India and creating great amount of breakdown and confusion in the society. They are making the settled issues as controversial after bringing those sensitive subjects on media for debate and so they are creating split in the Nation on those already settled issues. Why they always talk about our ISI and Army???
Submited By: Adil02 April 2012
Long Live Hameed Gul and Difa e Pakistan Council.

GEO Group is the terrorist media channel every body working in GEO net work are working for US openly & they are spreading false info on our Pakistan. Not only GEO. AAJ News & Express Channels are also working for US. GOD help us all.
This is 100% true. Good show.
Submited By: Zaib02 April 2012
we are very very Lucky that we had Leaders like Quide Azam(ra) and Iqbal(ra)and now we have Zaid Hamid and Hamid Gul like heros.
Submited By: ALINA02 April 2012
Lt. Gen (R) Hameed Gul we need you to become our President, we have no other choice then you if this regime will not go immediately and you don't replace them ppp/anp/pmln there is no Khair.
Submited By: faz02 April 2012
pak army has been saying to all politicals to start taking the responsiblty of swat and areas where all indian and cia terrorists been wiped off, but currupt politicals are under usa and indian influances.
Submited By: faz02 April 2012
obama can suck on pakistani lunds, and his wife can come and suck mine, with plasure :)

america's distruction is so needed event for this world's security. america is a failed and blackmaler country.
Submited By: Pakistani02 April 2012
nro criminals must be captured and hanged by theur filthy necks. ppp-anp-pmln-mqm all are criminal mafias.

pak army zindabad
Submited By: Pakistani02 April 2012
we have the ghazi genl hamid gul, masha allah. allahu akbar
Submited By: amir02 April 2012
long live our great generals of pakistan. pakistan zindabad

long live our great generals of pakistan. pakistan zindabad

long live our great generals of pakistan. pakistan zindabad

long live our great generals of pakistan. pakistan zindabad

long live our great generals of pakistan. pakistan zindabad
Submited By: mmm02 April 2012
we support ISI's political role, and will always put our crown ISI first.
Submited By: PakWatan02 April 2012
Shut down; cia/pentagone/mossad/mi6/raw the terror organisations.
Submited By: PakWatan02 April 2012
Gen Hamid Gul is hero, now we know why Pakistan and Islam's enemies fear him.
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