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Off The Record 30 Aug: Match-fixing a conspiracy?
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Is the latest match-fixing scandal against 7 Pakistani cricket players a conspiracy? How credible is the evidence? Is it a staged scam? Guests: Talat Hussain (AAJ TV), Aamer Sohail (Ex-Captain), Veena Malik (Model & ex-girlfriend of Asif).
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Added: Mon Aug 30, 2010 | Votes: 29 | Comments: 46
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Submited By: precious04 September 2010
yeh picture fake hia . its proved on facebook. salman k jaga main zardari ki bhi pic lga sakta hun. the pic its totally fake. salman ki neck par collon tools ka nishan reh gya hia jo karny wala ko yaad nahn raha. go and check it on face book.
Submited By: rozearth31 August 2010
amir to english ghulamana zehan ko present ker raha hai.....bache uk jate hain..wahan se county khelte hain....sub kuch k sath sath who gambling b seekhte ain....bcs wahan jua azad hai.......
Submited By: rozearth31 August 2010
Injection laga ker asif performance nahi ka matlab hai k wo abhi b injection ki waja se performance de raha hai...who injection isi gashti ki waja se leta ho ga.....affairs main aisa chalta rehta hai...
Submited By: rozearth31 August 2010
hahaha....Veena Malik to apna koi ghusa nikal rahi asif ko hazir o nazir jan ker bat kare phir to hum man sakte hain....hahaha...asif new sim nahi purchase ker sakta tha jo kisi noker k phone se call kerta gashti to asif ki her video save kerti in sub ki b video hai is k pas?????
Submited By: MAlik31 August 2010
Veena malik tu kisi kuti nasal ki randi hai yahan puri quam koshish kr rhi hai k pakistani cricket team k sir sy yeh ilzam dhul jay lakin tum bas apna badla laynay k lye puri nation ko ganda kr rhi hoo phlay khud tu asif k pas soti rhi hoo jab us ny tuhmain nikal dia tu aab badla lay rhi hoo aur meri dunya tv sy reqest hai k aap ko pakistan ko taba krna chaty hain kia jo asay logon ko tv py latay hain hr country ka hr tv channel apnai country ko sport krta hai lakin aap apany hi country ko thabi ki tray lay ja rahay hain plz aap logoon ko ALLAH ka wasta hai koi tu acha kam krain koi tu achi newz dain......plzzzzzzzz...Pakistan Zindabad
Submited By: VOICE OF PAKISTAN31 August 2010
Asif DUMPD Veena, that's why she is barking about him. What is her credibility everybody knows what her back ground is????????????? shahi mohalla
Submited By: Kullar K31 August 2010
What a rubbish programme?? Indian connection?? What a jealous nation this is!!
Submited By: jamiluddin31 August 2010
Aamer Sohail nay patakh kar lay li. Kashif Abbasi ziada waqt Veena ko day raha tha, shayed is lyay, per jo bhi ho maza bohat aya. waisay in anchors ko hamaray mojoda politicians ka shukarguzar hona chahiyay, agar yeh bhi aamer sohail jaisay talented soch tera kia hota kaalia??
Submited By: pixiwoo31 August 2010
Kashif Abbasi’s little ‘practical’ plan backfired on him,Theres more then one way to put money in a jacket..Amer Sohail HATS OF TO U for showing clarity and talking sense and slapping kashifs stupid face.
Talat is a good journalist,but today was disapointed by him.
And when the whole system from top to bottom is corrupt how could we expect any less of cricketers?..everyones out to make a quick buck!
Submited By: Haq Ahmad31 August 2010
oh god….what an idot kashif is..and talat is even worst….screw kashif abbassi and talat hussain …what kind of pathetic journalist are they….such a low quality…no professionalism….no IQ….no arguments….no substance……and these are our top anchors….this is the IQ that they have…and we want to give money to these idiots….

talat huusain, you are such an idiot…you are defending asif taking drugs…and that too by giving stupid examples….it is OK to take drugs because aussies do that? LOL…same old conspiracy theories….kashif abbassi is a person with a very low IQ…..THANK YOU AAMIR SOHAIL AND VEENA…..they pushed talat and kashif back and they could not say a single word….no one is arguing that we should until investigation is over but have some diginity….

rafay79 is the bets… “Bhai Pakistan ko defend karo. bongyian to na maaro!”
Submited By: shirazi31 August 2010
If this Talat-Kashif duo planned couple of more shows like this the joint fund will go down spirally. Their ‘rational’ arguments reminded me Talat’s post Mumbai attacks shows. Kashif’s stage craft … you can’t have 10k pounds in jacket or 150k on table – mashallah. God bless Pakistan and this new generation of patriotic anchors.
Submited By: RoshanKhiyal31 August 2010
Talat, I had a great respect for you. But there is difference between being patriotic and supporting this filth. It was very low of you to raise that conflict of interest question for Veena. Today I have more respect for Veena. Btw we the people can filter through the BS it may take some time. These are filth of Pakistan and they deserve to be trashed. Also Kashif just take it easy man, I was not expecting that you will try to defend this filth. Thumbs up for Veena and Amir.
Submited By: amiv23431 August 2010
Another guess…, mostly new IDs here in this forum are tail of kaali chiran Altaf khassi.
Submited By: amiv23431 August 2010
Thanks Kashif,,, sitting here in USA, when I first heard this news, I got so disappointed and I wanted those culprit cricketers to get punished, if they are really involved.

But today, this all looks like a game with alot of ppl involved in this…
I feel like Zardari juutay kaa badla laina chahta hay , and want to disgrace Pakistanis who are settled in UK.
Submited By: Desi31 August 2010
by thew way u urself didnt try to understand what i was saying … i apologize for the first part but u missed the point completely …

fully agree with u
Submited By: Desi31 August 2010
m sorry bro .. this word was not for u i was saying in general that without properly sensing the situation comments at times sound like this … didnt point towards u … but if u feel like that i am sorry abt this
Submited By: muhammad adnan31 August 2010
who wants to listen to this veena malik BS crap.. whats happend to our media inviting this jobless lady who just want to speak english…
Submited By: hadi2631 August 2010
bhai – could you please highlight what part of my comment was “rubbish”, that ws a bit harsh, though very typical of us pakistanis. “Reflect” and “Accept” is what will enable us to overcome the moral decay, and not this false and misguided sense of patriotisim that makes you engage in useless mud slinging and cheapshots to deffend the indeffensible.
Submited By: RhyMe31 August 2010
I was dissappointed with Kashif and Talat’s line of arguments…..Kashif didn’t come up with proper homework for this program…even a 5 year old kid who watches bollywood crap frequently would tell you how many ways are there to place money in a jacket besides the pockets….and then if the bookie who if is an experienced one in this field of crime then certainly he wouldn’t put it just so simple…but kashif so stupidly kept defending his point…

they both could be experts, good analysts in current affairs program but doesn’t necessary have to always be true on matters related to cricket etc…especially if they invited an expert for an analysis on this particular topic then they should have listened to his opnion too rather being so defensive…looks like they both already decided that they got to defend the players at all cost even if any participant gives some valid reasons to tackle issue under discussion everywhere…

Amir Sohail so rightly nd nicely ziped up kashif on his poor preparation today…Kashif still has a long way to go….Kashif next time dont poke ur nose in matters ur not fully aware!
Submited By: sitaraakhri31 August 2010
This show is one for the books. Buhat Aala! Kashif ko dono taraf say chapayrain parhi hain—Veena say bhi aur Aamir Sohail say bhi. Talat added no value to the show—only had to change his tune after Aamir Sohai’s very rational arguments. Aur Veena to cha hi gayee hai.

@rafay79—-tum bhi cha gaye ho. Pakistan ko defend karo. Bongian na maro. Love that line!
Submited By: rafay7931 August 2010
And secondly, Salman Butt nay maiden over karana nahee, maiden over khailna tha!

Aamer Sohail rightly put Kashif back in his place!!
Submited By: Desi31 August 2010
@ hadi26
they are not absolutely not defending the players
u should better watch the program before commenting other wise ur comments would sound rubbish i am sorry to say … so first watch what theya re saying then comment …
Submited By: Desi31 August 2010
if kashif and talat are right then … it would be easy enough for the courts to decide
and in that case a shut up call should be to those Pakistanis specially who are barking like any thing
other wise a shut up call to all patriotism …
Submited By: hadi2631 August 2010
I haven’t watched this program and don’t intend to either. Anyone who is still deffending the players is not doing this country any favors.

“Pakistan is an endemically corrupt country” is the line being flashed everywhere, even in Australia, and I don’t disagree one bit. I am a Pakistani and I hang my head in shame. Corruption in monetary terms alone is a worldwide phenomenon but with our corrupt to the core morals we are in a league of our own.

It all can be summed up with the phrase “Land of the Pure – Anything Goes! “

It is time to reflect and to accept as without these two, no progress can ever be made.

Yes our society has become innately corrupt, this wasn’t always the case, and just as the good times passed, this too shall pass.

Pakistan Zindabad! and to keep it Zinda, alot has to be turned ‘murda’ including our twisted morals.
Submited By: waalidsab31 August 2010
very nice show’ i cant trust the news paper’
Submited By: Zoab Khan31 August 2010
We don’t need Veena Malik to tell us that Asif did not have a Hakim, or that he accidently take steroids. She is confirming the obvious. None of it is hard to believe anymore.
Submited By: planet37231 August 2010
Veena, how we can trust you. You kept denying your relation with asif and now you are saying you were living with him for 2 years.
Submited By: Shahenshah Akbar31 August 2010
Not surprised with Talat Hussain's defense of the cricketers, he has an appetite for 3rd rate jingoism. Even though, he has moments of journalistic brilliance too. Really disappointed with Kashif Abbasi.
Both the anchors seem to think that countering The News of the World Tabloid is to presume innocence and try to shift blame. Bookies are always going to chase Cricketers. The cricketers and their management have to be beyond reproach first and foremost.
Equating sex scandals involving David Beckham amongst others with treachery of the said Cricketers is a false equivalence. The anchors are guilty of indulging in the same gutter journalism they are accusing the British tabloid.
The truth will be out in a few days. The investigation is taking place. The key thing for me was Salman Butt's press conference where he refused to deny whether the allegations were true or not. Or whether he would sue The News of The World for a false story. He didnt do any of that and avoided answering questions.
People on this forum who are trashing Veena Malik and Aamir Sohail should be ashamed of themselves. Having a difference of opinion is one thing, Making moral judgments quite another. Match Fixing and cheating were discovered in the past and the perpetrators like Wasim Akram, and Waqar Younis were not punished. So this is just a continuation of that saga. At least Veena Malik isnt being accusing of defrauding her motherland like Mohammed Asif, Mohammed Amir, Kamran Akmal, and Salman Butt. So Pakistani, Happy, Ali, and Arfan Mian - You are standing with accused liars and cheats.
Submited By: Nadir Khattak31 August 2010
Amir sohil pagal ho gaya hi.wo to Imran khan say jal raha hi.Amir sohil to khud match fix karta ta.asi waja say to as ko team say nikala ta.
Submited By: Asim31 August 2010
Veena Malik is stupit
Submited By: Nadir Khattak31 August 2010
Talat Hussain teek kah raha hai. Kashif Abbasi and Talat you are doing Great job...welldone
Submited By: imran31 August 2010
shame for whole Pakistani day of cricket
Submited By: malik31 August 2010
Kashif and talat are trying to create a conspiracy controversy. Please dont defend these thieves.
Submited By: memem31 August 2010
you rule veena. I love you.
Submited By: memem31 August 2010
Talat has gone totally bonkers. He is always looking for conspiracies; India, Israel, US. I guess this is a jewish conspiracy too.
Submited By: Shameel31 August 2010
Long live Amir Sohail,
Shame on you Talat Hussain
Submited By: Sulman Hussain31 August 2010
@Sonia,n Noman.....Ur voice seems

full of sanity...just read the mentality of other painfull comments of thers are....y they closing their eyes????
ans I ask evey one to see what is here on this link >>
Submited By: SONIA31 August 2010
Its very strange, Talat Hussain the minister of doom & gloom has changed his style in order to defend the cricketers. If there is not enough evidence against those cricketers so is the case with Asif Ali Zardari.If we are willing to give them the benefit of doubt then we should extend the same courtesy to Zardari who has never been convicted by a court of law.To my mind this is what we call media politics, they dont show us the truth, they only show us what they want us to believe as truth.
Submited By: Noman31 August 2010
Amir Sohail is right, instead of trying to belittle their crime we should ponder upon bringing changes to the system. It seems salman Butt has greased the palms of Pakistani Media including Talat Hussain
Submited By: Sulman Hussain30 August 2010
Salute to Aamir!!!!
Submited By: Sulman Hussain30 August 2010
@Pakistani,Happy n Ali....guys r u just making fun out of it or r U retarded mentally???who knows the character of Ur own mothers n sisters...even if she is prostitute,she has valid point to make tht these motherf--kers cricketrs from trash families(remember criteria is not financial status but their upbringing) they sell n ruin Our Pride n honor....even a prostitute has a right to say that Mr.Angels.....craps
Submited By: Sulman Hussain30 August 2010
@Pakistani,Happy n Ali....guys r u just making fun out of it or r U retarded mentally???who knows the character of Ur own mothers n sisters...even if she is prostitute,she has valid point to make tht these motherf--kers cricketrs from trash families(remember criteria is not financial status but their upbringing) they sell n ruin Our Pride n honor....even a prostitute has a right to say that Mr.Angels.....craps
Submited By: john wayne30 August 2010
Why are cricketers being blamed, when the whole country is the root of corruption. was not primeministers wife not found to have had loans written off, and what about the man at the top? so this kind discussions will lead you nowhere. because the rich always get away with everything when there is no law being implemented.
Submited By: Arfan Mian30 August 2010
Pakistani, you are correct, Imran Khan's sugestion. There should be strong teams from each big City or regin and Companies should sponsor these teams. This way more people will take interest in domestic Cricket.
Submited By: ali30 August 2010
now this knd of peoples like aamir sohail and veena malik they r damaging pakistan what he says what he is trying to say we have to see the players background if anybody belong to the humble background so they r not eligible to join the cricket team.what kind of mantality is it?come to the point what the topic they r discussing what he is talking about.unfortunately we have a majority in pakitan of panjaab peoples and they have very worse mantality.and these both i think belong to panjaab.its not funny its serious issue if u see since pakistan got freedom mostly these peoples even they r in politics or in cricket where ever they have power they misused and tried to damaged the economy.its 100% true
Submited By: Happy30 August 2010
Dear Kashif! Sorry to say that you did lose lot of your expensive time to give prostitute veena.
Do you think she is enough able for debate with your aother honorable guests?
I'm sorry again to say that your today's episode combination is match less.
Respected Amir Suhail is our hero and respected Syed Talat Hussain is a loyal Pakistani but veena is only a bitch, prostitute.
Don't you see that how she did bark against Pakistani cricketers?
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